Garrett Marks

Behind Greatness



Every great basketball champion has a story. Through the blood, sweat, tears, failed attempts, naysayers, triumphs and victories, they pushed themselves be- yond what they thought was capable. But, a champion’s success is highly influenced by the support they have standing behind them. Jordan, Curry and Irving all have one thing in common, a father who stood behind their son and saw the gold in them before they could even see it themselves. Gold is pure, precious and valuable. We all have these traits within us, but sometimes it takes fathers or other people in our lives to bring it out.

This film is a celebration to the father figures whose actions might have seemed invisible to the public eye, but were monumental in shaping and molding their son, on and off the court. I wanted this film to encourage dad’s to understand the importance and impact they can have on their child’s life and the generations to come.


  • Production Company: Zion

  • Agency: Gut Branding

  • Director / Writer: Garrett Marks

  • Co-Writer: Ahab Nimry, Jesse Barron

  • Producer: Jesse Barron

  • Associate Producer: JJ Schindler

  • Creative Director:  Ahab Nimry

  • Executive Producers: Garrett Marks, Ahab Nimry, Kristina Kalchev

  • Director of Photography: Nic McLean

  • Assistant Director: Shelby Turner

  • Art Department: Lexi Lovetere

  • 1st AC: David O'Neill

  • 2nd AC: Ben Wilson

  • Gaffer: Dave Lichtenberg

  • Grip: Louis Rubera, Nicholas Calabria

  • Sound: Mark Patino

  • Editor: Garrett Marks

  • Colorist: Nick Sanders (NTropic)

  • Sound Designer: Gabe Sayre, Matt Pavolaitis

  • Composer: Chris Coleman (Music Bed)

  • Cast: Diosiq Burne, Joshua Johnson, Kai Brown, Ellis Dixon, Kingston Dunns