Garrett Marks

Just Bare Chicken Who Makes Your Food



Just bare chicken

who makes your food

Going into directing this commercial, my approach was to show the Just Bare Chicken farmers when they were not just farming – demonstrating them to be more than just props in an ad campaign, but real people with hopes, dreams and passions. My goal was to celebrate these farmers stories and connect the audience with where “Just Bare” chickens come from.


  • Client: Just Bare Chicken

  • Agency: Gravity

  • Production Company: Visionarist

  • Director: Garrett Marks

  • Creative Director: Rohan Juneja

  • Executive Producers: Tim Carter, Ola Parks, Stephen Mallette

  • Producer: Caroline Olkowski

  • Production Manager: Vijay Nyack

  • Assistant Director: Nagisa Kodam

  • Director of Photography: Nic McLean